“Finances of Tuality, Salem, Kaiser Permanente and Asante Networks Revealed”


Excerpt: Non-profit hospitals across the state have a mission to serve their community, but an analysis by The Lund Report revealed that many of their CEOs are doing quite well for themselves, too. Across the spectrum of Tuality, Salem , Kaiser Permanente and Asante networks, hospital CEOs were well rewarded for their work.

“Why Choosing The Right Surgeon Matters Even More Than You Think”

via gizmodo.com
via gizmodo.com

Excerpt: “We tend to shrug our shoulders and say this is just a natural part of doing health care,” said Dr Ashish Jha, a patient safety researcher and professor at the Harvard School of Public Health who provided advice for ProPublica’s analysis. If a certain procedure has a 5 per cent infection rate, doctors and hospitals consider it acceptable as long as they’re at that or below, Jha said.